Sunday, May 18, 2014


Collins Land

Week Three
Make sure you have a strong impression of the characters that will be at the center of the story. Try to write at least 200 words, up to a maximum of 350 words.

Aspects to keep in mind; these will be the review points used by fellow writers:

*How was the central character portrayed and was this portrayal clear and interesting? 
*What made you think this piece was a story and did you want to read on? 
*What were the most, and least, successful aspects of the writing?

Note: The 100 Word Stories Challenge for this week was "Monster". I used the story I wrote for the Challenge as a basis and expanded on it. The end result is  below.


As Natasha walked across the long familiar corridor, her sneakers screeching on the bare floor, she could hear a hasty clock ticking, reverberating against the walls.

The old brittle wallpaper covering these walls reminded her of childhood. There were trees and flowers, and elephants and dolls and all sorts of things that would never fit in a corridor.

She smiled. Now in her mid-thirties, she felt the long corridor stretched much longer behind her than ahead of her. This was her world now, after so much had happened. 

The past, although distant and crowded by bizarre plans and failed certainties, vividly reminded Natasha that moving along that narrow corridor was her only chance. 

The stubborn clock whispered in her ear “step up, Natasha, step up”, and she matched her steps with the ticking, obedient, yet yearning to rebel. 

The elephants lined up, the trees and the flowers too, a welcoming committee in the making.

“Isn’t this wallpaper nice?” she asked the man in white, her long straight black hair caught in a braid of pensive recollections. 

He nodded. There was no wallpaper, only the whiteness of a hundred aseptic walls.

However, Natasha knew about that forgotten emergency door, the door that would be her way out. After all, she did have unfinished matters to take care of.

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