Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Skeletons Look So Real

Cerridwens Cauldron

Working at the restaurant was Kip’s bread and butter. He didn’t particularly enjoy being a waiter.
Nevertheless, he was friendly to the customers and people seemed to genuinely like him. But, in essence, his life was boring.
However, every now and then, he felt the lure of the illicit.
When his boss asked him how the restaurant should be decorated for a Friday 13 Scary Night, he knew exactly how.
The result was impressive. The skeletons look so real, said the customers, snickering nervously.
His boss was happy with the extra clientele. And Kip smiled deceitfully, pretending to be human.
100 Word Stories (Prompt: Butter)


  1. Perfectly "outer limits" my dear Lizzie!! love!!! :)

  2. Anonymous6/03/2014

    Great work Lizzie :)

    1. TY! Long time no talk. Hope you're well. :)