Thursday, May 15, 2014


The Tower by Rebeca Bashly

The ethereal wave invaded the room, its hypnotizing touch swirling softly, at first.

Close your eyes, she thought, before darkness drags you away.

She felt the room twirling around her increasingly. Her shallow breathing sounded like thunder, although it was almost silent.

The wave progressed in a crescendo, speaking in tongues, twisting and turning against the walls, gasping for freedom.

She kept her eyes tightly closed.

Suddenly, the door was flung open. “What’s going on here?” shouted her mother. “Turn the music down right now, young lady.”

That’s when she opened her eyes. Ever so ethereally, the wave died down.


Note: Ethereal Wave is also called Ethereal Dark Wave or Ethereal Goth. “Typical of this kind of music is the use of (…) sound effects like echo and delay. A second typical characteristic is the use of (…) [often] hard-to-decipher lyrical content – and a strong influence of ambient music. The website describes it as being "most characterized by soprano female vocals combined with (...) bass, lead guitar, and drums which creates a surreal, angelic or otherworldly effect”.
Source: Wikipedia -- (visited: April 12 2014)


  1. I liked your note!! and anything otherworldly!! :)
    Great story. The no nonsense meets the imaginary!! Oh I know that feeling well!!

    1. Mothers' wake-up calls are very powerful! As this story was discussed and reviewed at the Twisted Stories (in SL), it was interesting to see how differently each reader "saw" what was happening. That's one of the amazing things about telling a story. Once you finish it and make it pubic, you don't own it anymore. Each person reading it will make it their own.