Sunday, May 4, 2014

Star Wars

The Bayou

“I’m dying here,” wailed Peter, an aspiring actor.
“Join the club,” the director replied.
“Star wars?!” Peter insisted.
“That’s where the money is.”
“Insidious and entrapping,” crackled the actor.
The director sneered. “Go on, now. The others are waiting.”
Peter always wanted to be a star, but he had obviously misunderstood the ad looking for actors to feature in a reality show.
“You must choose your battles right, my dear,” snapped the director. “Now, be a darling and move along.”
An axe in hand, the actor dragged his feet towards the helicopter that would take them to a remote island.


  1. that irony!!! Another well done!

    1. Thank you :) There's a scene of a music video (can't remember which) here one of the participants, filmed from behind and only from the knee down, is dragging a huge axe as she walks. Very powerful imagery. I wanted to use that idea here, but ran out of words!! So, the axe part had to be cut short!

  2. :) I know that with those 100 word tales. Sometimes I feel I've limited my desire be verbose!!