Sunday, May 11, 2014


LEA 13 Cica Ghost

“You didn’t feel someone pushing you?” asked the surgeon, checking the exams. The strange object had lodged itself near the spine.

“No…” replied the young man. “It hurts… Can you remove it?”

“I’ll try,” said the surgeon.

The young man added hesitantly, “Odd thing… I also hear strange noises…”

The surgeon frowned.

Well, the operation went fine, yet the young man now heard voices.

In his office, the surgeon opened a sphere and typed “Subject intercepted test messages. Receptor fixed,” and added, “Begin countdown.”

Days later, Earth was not Earth anymore. It was a forced labor colony, one of many.


  1. fan- bloody- tastic Lizzie! What a great concept. One that I think could even evolve into a book!! I have a weakness for Sci Fi and fantasy of course.

    1. :) I'm glad you liked it! I must admit that I run as quickly as I can from writing sci-fi... (see the example of the prompt "star wars" LOL; I wrote a story about this Hunger Games type of thing but with aspiring actors). Having said this, curiously enough, when I write sci-fi'ish stories, the feedback is usually very good! Perhaps I should rethink my "RUNNNNNN" strategy!