Saturday, July 28, 2012

What is a...?


Dash – writing activity using a prompt word; 15 minutes to write.

Wave - writing activity using a prompt word; 20 minutes to write. 

Word Scrimmage – word-boosting technique; participants write as fast as they can for a pre-defined set time limit; participant who has written the most is the winner.

Flash Prose – text averaging 500-1500 words.

Flash Fiction – text averaging 300-1000 words; also called sudden fiction, micro fiction, micro-story, postcard fiction, prosetry and short short story; contains classic elements of a story - protagonist, conflict, obstacles and a resolution; some elements are only hinted. 

Drabble – text exactly 100 words long.

Nanofiction – text exactly 55 words long including the title; 1 character, and plot.

Minisaga – text exactly 50 words long plus a title up to 15 words long; also called micro-story and ultra-short.

69er – text exactly 69 words long; title not included.

Twit-fiction - a text written in 140 characters or less; also called Twitter length fiction, micro-fiction, micro-flash fiction or twabble. (Source: Vivid Scribe)

Twabble - a text written in 100 characters not counting spaces. (Source: The Drabblecast; check this Sizing Tool)

Vignettes - short impressionist scenes focusing on the impression of a character, idea, setting or object; does not contain the classic story elements.

Short Story - brief work of literature, featuring a small cast of characters and focusing on a single incident; between 1,000 and 20,000 words.

Feghoot – humorous short story or vignette ending in a play on a well-known phrase/pun.

Parable – short story illustrating a principle or lesson featuring human characters.

Fable  - short story illustrating a principle or lesson featuring animals, plants, mythical creatures, inanimate objects or forces of nature.

Anecdote – funny/interesting short story about a real incident or person.

Sketch story – story shorter than a short story mainly descriptive of people or places.

Source when not indicated: scattered notes taken by me throughout time. 

Let me know if you find anything wrong or incomplete. Thank you!

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