Saturday, July 28, 2012

Occupied Art

“Let’s break the silence,” the man said holding a jar filled with odd bits and pieces. He was standing on top of a wall and repeated the sentence every two minutes. His timing was both impeccable and intriguing.
People walked by looking at him.
Suddenly, a young man stopped and asked him why he was holding a jar filled with junk. The man replied “It’s not junk, it’s my life. This key, my first house; the pen, my son started writing with it; the shell, beauty!”
“And why are you standing on that wall?”
“I’m looking at the future,” replied the old man. He opened his jar and took a small bit of paper out with a child’s drawing on it and gave it to the young man. “Art!”
The young man smiled and jumped on the wall.
“Let’s break the silence!” And every two minutes, two voices occupied someone’s soul. Soon, they would be three and then many more.
Entry for the Lit Up Singapore through The Virtual Writers

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