Tuesday, July 31, 2012



People wondered who made the decision. Who? The Triumvirate some whispered. “The who?” people screamed forgetful of the fact that they couldn’t hear anything anymore. It was them, those three ruthless entities who had arrived a long time ago, no one remembered exactly when. They seemed ageless. They never smiled, and their faces were becoming less defined as time went by.  Some believed they were reverting into their original forms, others that people were growing as blind as they were deaf. Yet deafness was very recent, as recent as the use of that high pitched Shredder. It busted everyone’s eardrums, but no one felt any pain. They just became deaf overnight. Why? Well, two days later, it all became clear. What the Triumvirate had brought in wealth and development, they were now taking back in health. They needed humans to survive and it was now time to collect, first it was hearing. What would come next? The itching monocles they made everyone wear were a bit of a hint…

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