Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Sopor aEternum

Hidden in the mausoleum was the old Sepulchral Book. Many thought this was a strange place to keep a library, others that the cool, dry environment was the best option. To access the library, you had to press the eye of the gargoyle carved on the tomb. It was a rather uncomfortable place to click considering that the grotesque image had been carved at the back and the space to maneuver was rather scarce. That didn’t prevent anyone from visiting the crypt underneath and browse through the books. People were interested in medieval history and poetry books, in gothic and romantic literature, but not in the Sepulchral Book. It was boring, it was said. It held a list of all those who had died in that area throughout time. How names were added, no one knew and no one dared to check if the names had indeed been added.
Sean Patrick, who was convinced his lineage went back to Chaucer and thought of himself as a writer who paid great attention to detail, decided do some research for a story he was writing with the original title “To Die or Not to Die”.
So, he clicked the eye of the gargoyle, he walked down the steps to the crypt and tried to find the book. It took him hours. It was buried in the farthest darkest corner, of course. When he pulled it out of the shelf, he thought he heard a voice. He turned around.
“Hello? Is anyone there?”
“Yes,” a gruff voice said. “I believe you are taking something that belongs to me.”
“Oh, no, no! This is the Sepulchral Book; it belongs to everyone in the village.”
“It belongs to me.”
Sean’s eyes had long adjusted to the semi-darkness, but he couldn’t see anyone.
“Ahm… I don’t think so. Can you step closer? I can’t see you.”
“I’ll step closer alright. It belongs to me.”
“I’m just doing some research, you see. I won’t take a bite off of it, no worries!”
Sean heard a few steps and then… nothing.
The Devil took the Sepulchral Book from Sean’s hands and scribbled his name at the end of the list.
“What an arrogant brat. This is getting boring.  I need to get out more.”

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