Tuesday, July 10, 2012



“Yes, that’s what I saw,” said the man chewing his fingernails and mumbling his words hesitant. “It was a body. I am sure, it was a body.”
The policeman tried to understand whether the man had been drinking or not. He seemed to be sober enough; he didn’t stink of alcohol either.
“That’s what I saw…”
“Floating?” asked the policeman.
“Well… sort of… hovering.”
The man looked left and right as if afraid to be caught in a lie.
“And, tell me, what was the hovering body doing?”
“Just hovering… towards the light.”
“What light?” asked the policemen struggling not to laugh.
“The light above him.”
“There was a light?”
“Yes, there was.”
“It’s usually a tunnel and a light. But no tunnel here?”
The man looked at the policeman.
“Well, never mind. I have to go home,” and he walked away quickly disappearing in the darkness at the end of the street.
The policeman shrugged and continued down the street.
In the meantime, in the grey dark concrete building no one dare to go in, strange creatures wrapped numbed people in sterile cloth and teleported them away for scientific tests.


  1. Again and again you take me on a journey with these little tales with images. This one weaves just enough of the right tokens in my own mind together with just the right sense of wonder.

    Keep 'em coming.

    1. Thank you, Yordie. :) My objective is to write a story with the smallest amount of details possible but creating the same "atmosphere" and impact as if it had a lot of details, like a snapshot in a text format! Sometimes I wonder if I go too far and the story becomes too cryptic. But then again, if it does, it gives the reader more room to build his/her interpretation!