Tuesday, July 3, 2012



“There is a giant bunny in the back yard. It’s bigger than the tree.”
Everyone laughed.
“How can it be bigger than the tree? There are no bunnies that big.”
“Well, it is, I tell you.”
They all looked at one another. Peter had always been a bit of a loony and the group of friends was used to his odd observations. There was this one time when he said he had seen a red spaceship fly by, and there was this other time when he swore on his mother’s soul bless her heart that there was an alien wandering in the back yard.
No one believed him, much to his dismay.
“Is the bunny red too?”
Peter turned around and walked away, offended. His said good friends simply did not believe him. He knew what he had seen. And yes, there was a giant bunny sitting in the middle of the yard, which now looked unsurprisingly smallish.
He sat in front of the bunny and examined it for a while. It looked like a statue. It was not moving.
When his friends decided to come outside just to tease him, they could not believe their eyes.
“Whoa! That is one huge bunny!”
“Told ya,” he replied unenthusiastically.
After much discussion about the origin of the intriguing bunny, the owner, even about whether it was some sort of prank, the group sat in silence.
The afternoon came and went, the evening too. Night set in and suddenly a red dot appeared in the horizon.
“Look,” one of Peter’s friends pointed.
The red dot quickly became a spaceship and a red alien stepped out. He touched the giant bunny with a finger and it disappeared.
Peter asked “why?”
The alien replied “unhinged.”
Peter nodded.
“I knew what I had seen.”
The alien went back inside the spaceship and flew away.
The group of friends was speechless. After a few feeble and unsuccessful attempts to express some sort of reaction towards what had happened, everyone walked away slowly. Embarrassed, some looked at Peter and then lowered their eyes to the ground.
When he was finally alone, Peter reached inside the pocket of his shirt and grabbed a tiny bunny. His red eyes flickered. And Peter knew.

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