Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Speech Recognition With A Twist


It was nice in that patio, perhaps getting a bit warm. People walked by. The man waved a hand in the air. No one knew what he wanted. No one really cared. The man waved a hand in the air again. Everyone walked away except this kid. He walked towards the man and stopped a few feet away. The man smiled a crooked smile. The kid looked around trying to find some reassurance that help would be close by in case of need. Nobody was around. The man fidgeted a bit in his wheelchair. The kid sat on the floor. The man wheeled his chair closer to the kid and waved a hand in the air. He tried to say something and the kid understood water. The kid stood up, walked to the back of the wheelchair, grabbed the bottle of water he had seen sticking out of the man’s backpack and gave it to him. The man smiled his crooked smile. The kid imitated that smile with a crooked face of his own. The man had these uncontrollable spasmodic movements. The kid saw laughter. They became friends. Every day, the kid would meet the man and talk to him, long incomprehensible conversations that only the two understood. People would walk by and frown at the kid laughing and the man twitching and jolting his body uncontrollably. One day, a woman walked towards them. “You must be careful,” she said to the kid. “Some people are dangerous.” And she looked at the man. “Oh, he’s my friend,” replied the kid smiling. The man said something. The kid nodded. “He is strange. Be careful,” said the woman.  The man nodded clumsily. “Oh, funny thing, my friend was saying just that… about you!” said the kid laughing. The woman walked away offended and the two friends continued to have long conversations that no one else could understand but them. 
Talk about speech recognition!

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