Thursday, December 20, 2012

Olla Podrida

“So, how did it go?”
“Oh, you know I like strong stuff… but it looked suspicious, and it had some floating things. I couldn’t figure out what they were, for the life of me, and I think some of it was meat, but I am not sure, and it had some yellow stuff, and…”
“I am not quite sure if I liked it or not, to be honest.”
“Well, it’s ok. Just… just relax.”
“I hate it when people make me eat something that looks suspicious.”
“But why suspicious?”
“The floating things, the floating things!”
“Umm… I was just checking here. It’s just a stew with pork meat, beans or chickpeas, tomato and vegetables. It actually looks quite delicious.”
“Oh, you should have seen it…”
“It’s slowly cooked and quite aromatic.”
“Yeah, you didn’t notice that? And listen to this. Its name comes from “poderida” or “poderosa” as in powerful, because of the rich ingredients.”
“It certainly was powerful…”
“I bet you’re feeling quite energetic after that olla podrida, aren’t you?”
“Well… Now that you mention it…”
“See, it wasn’t that much of a disaster after all.”
“Yeah, you’re right. I feel quite chirpy actually.”
“There you go. So, next week… chicken curry?”
“Oh. I don’t know. Isn’t that too spicy…?”
“Well, it has chicken and chicken is good. Curry is pretty awesome too. Rice does no harm to anyone…”
“Yes, you’re right!”

The power of suggestion is a wonderful thing. Green chillies finely chopped are too, with as many seeds as possible!
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