Monday, December 17, 2012


The Tower by Rebeca Bashly - LEA6 - 2012

“I washed away a thought of hope,” she murmured leaning against the wall. Her perfect smile, her beautiful eyes, her hair of gold had slowly disappeared. “I forgot my name and I forgot my soul,” she whispered softly. Though lifeless and pale, the melody of her voice traveled around the room. “I washed away a thought of hope,” she repeated while disappearing through the wall, her voice still echoing on. No one shed a tear. No one was moved, except one man in a row at the back. He stood up and clapped. Alone, he clapped for several minutes while the others left. The actress stepped back on stage and bowed in front of a room filled by one man’s clapping. After so many performances, she finally understood that touching one person, only one, was not a failure, because that one was a crowd.

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