Tuesday, December 11, 2012



Everyone applauded in an explosion of joy. But it hadn’t always been like this. For many years, after the blackout decades, water was a scarce resource and people had to walk out of town to fetch it from the stream out in the open. Generations consumed highly polluted water looking suspiciously tinted by a layer of residue floating on its surface. No one worried too much; there were no national or even local authorities, so everyone drank that water. As time went by, strange health problems appeared, physical deformities, breathing issues and an awkward blindness that hit only children. One day, a man rolled up his sleeves and started digging. People walked by, looking at him sideways, but he didn’t give up. The children sat around in silence listening to the regular stumping of the shovel, first one, then more and more. The adults continued to walk past that odd flock sitting around the hole overlooking a mad man digging helplessly. The man never gave up; the silent children gave him strength and the motivation to continue. After weeks of digging, water appeared. The bubbling noise was magic. The man set up a pump and pushed the lever. Slowly, the water started flowing; it was crystal clear. The applause of an incredulous crowd trundled through the valley. It only takes one to make a difference… and a handful of children who believe that anything is possible.

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