Tuesday, October 9, 2012



The Green Dragon was famous. Well, at least around a mile or two, it was. The innkeeper, one day, decided to make it even more famous and organized a contest. Anyone able to defeat his daughter in a fist fight would have free beer for the rest of his life. Needless to say, men of all corners of the kingdom poured into town. How difficult could it be to defeat the daughter of the innkeeper? To beat a woman in a fist fight, easy. The day arrived and the town folks gathered in the square. Where was the daughter, where was the daughter, everyone asked. Finally, after much waiting, a petit young woman walked towards the center of the plaza. The men laughed thunderously. They would have to beat that?! Hah, free beer for everyone forever, they all thought. The first one stepped closer and assumed a fighting position. She did too. And the fight commenced. The daughter got knocked down a few times, she was bleeding from her lip and her left eye was swollen. The crowd cringed at the sight, after the initial enthusiasm wore off. Then the daughter decided it was enough. She lifted the man from the ground just by looking at him. You could not hear a mouse, the whole crowd in suspense. Then she looked left and the man went flying into a pile of barrels and hay. The crowd roared words of encouragement, but the other fighters were, say, a bit hesitant to engage in a fist fight with the innkeeper’s daughter. So, he held his hands up till the crowd quieted down. “Dear folk, this is what happens when you drink of my beer!” Well… there was a sudden rush into the inn and beer was sold abundantly for days. The innkeeper was happy, the innkeeper’s wife was happier. The daughter? She smirked. She was right. Her father hadn’t believed her. But now he did. The endless hours spent with the sorcerer did pay off after all.

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