Friday, October 19, 2012

Chasing words, writing excuses!

For many years, in a haze of blissful ignorance, I believed that writing was a matter of inspiration. WRONG! It's a matter of effort, persistence and work. So, at the beginning of this year, I defined my writing schedule around daily, weekly and monthly challenges. The following links will take you on a tour of my writing spots. Each provides either a word prompt or a picture prompt, and all are directly or indirectly linked to Second Life (SL). 

The Virtual Writers Inc. provides daily word prompts, organises competitions and encourages your participation in international events (see here). You don't need to go to Second Life to join in. You can post your writing in the comments section of each week's prompt page.Their virtual presence is in Milk Wood where they meet daily for the writer's dash, 15 minutes of furious writing! Your contact person is Andrea Pring (Harriet Gausman in SL).  
100 Word Stories suggests a weekly prompt for you to write a drabble, a story 100 words long. It is highly encouraged that you record the story before sending it, along with the text, to be added to the weekly podcast. The 100 Word Stories virtual location is in Edloe where there are weekly readings. Your contact person is Lawrence Simon (Crap Mariner in SL).

The Flash Fiction Writers is a fairly new resource in the writing community. It suggests weekly picture prompts and organises several other events such as inworld readings and writing dares. During the NaNoWriMo this year (October), the Flash Fiction Writers dares you to write NaNo fiction, a daily story 55 words long. Their virtual location is in Ling. Your contact person is Camie Rembrandt (SL name).

The Ozlandish Writings suggests monthly prompts either using a word or a picture. For you to share your writing, check the submission page here. Their presence inworld is in Ozland SW. And your contact people are Sven Pertelson or Llola Lane (both SL names).

 These are only four examples of a multitude of options online and inworld. I have chosen to draw your attention to these four options simply because they are the ones I am most involved in. I have learned a lot and, 10 months later, I wonder how I could have ever thought that it was all a matter of inspiration! Not! :)

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