Monday, October 8, 2012


Machinima Open Studio Project - LEA20 2012

A mystery was being sold. The doors were locked, the curtains were drawn. Everyone sat and had dinner. It was quite the exquisite group, a famous actress, a governor, an opera singer, a few lords and their wives.  Nothing happened for the whole evening but dinner was absolutely delicious, everyone agreed. At some point, the governor stood up.
“Where is the mystery? I paid good money.”
The Master of Ceremonies bowed gracefully.
“Indeed you did, sir. The mystery is this question. Who ate what?”
“Meat, vegetables, rice, everyone had the same. Where is the mystery in that?”
“What kind of meat, pig, horse, turkey, whale?”
The ladies in the party suddenly looked horrified.
“Or was it something else?”
“I think it was chicken,” replied the governor.
“No, it wasn’t. It was something far more appealing than chicken.”
No one dared to utter what was on everyone’s mind.
“I paid for chicken,” ventured one of the lords.
“No, sir, you paid for a mystery. Now, would anyone care to provide the answer, anyone?”
The famous actress sitting by the fireplace took a deep sigh.
“I assume it was not something we would eat normally.”
“You are quite right, madam.”
“Don’t tell me ate a person?” one of the lords’ wives asked.
There was a wave of protests muffled only by the ladies handkerchiefs and the gentlemen’s pipes and cigars.
The Master of Ceremonies smiled.
“It was not human flesh, no.”
“What is it then?!” asked the governor full of impatience.
No one said a word. Many nodded anxiously.
“I gather you wish me to reveal the solution to this mystery.” The Master of Ceremonies paused, relishing the silence. “Well, we harvest them. We have been harvesting them for years. They died profusely as their DNA was not adapted to oxygen. But we bred them further, and we can now proudly present you with the finest meals. Let me show you.”
Much to the horror of all present, the Master of Ceremonies opened the kitchen door to a being that walked into the room and opened his big black and sad eyes, slowly.

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