Friday, October 5, 2012

Lit Up Singapore 2012

Back in July, I read about an innovative challenge, to take part in the Singapore Lit Up Festival! Andrea Pring (Harriet Gausman in Second Life), founder and moderator of the Virtual Writers, Inc., asked for texts on the theme chosen for this year.

I wrote "Occupied Art" and had the chance to take part in the event alongside Queen Bluestar, Franja Russell, Singh Albatros and Andrea Pring.

 The Virtual Writers, Inc. is an extremely interesting resource; it suggests daily prompts and encourages writers to meet daily in Second Life to write twice a day for 15 minutes, poetry, flash fiction or even as a continued effort in their novels. Those who cannot attend inworld, have the option of sharing their work by posting it in the website.

For the Virtual Writers full article, click here.

Looking forward to next year's event!

Screen print of the Virtual writers Inc. website

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