Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Sopor aEternum

The warning stated “Don’t go up the ladder. It’s slippery. Also there seems to be an angry entity up there that is very territorial.” Of course, she went up the ladder to see the entity forgetting all about the slippery floor. The entity did not like the invasion. It was extremely territorial, and “that was in the warning,” the entity thought aggravated. She came down, oh yes she did, but not down the ladder… While falling, she couldn’t help but wonder whether it had been the slippery floor or the entity…


  1. Lizzie, I wanted to tell you that a group of friends and I met at a campfire in Calas Galadhon last weekend. We told 100-word stories and your site was a fav of many of the group. Thought you'd like to know. (Naturally, Mr Crap was a fav too, but don't tell him. hehe)

  2. Aww, Yordie, thank so much for letting me know :) It's a fantastic encouragement to continue to write. And Crap's stories are my favs too, pssshhh ;)