Wednesday, September 26, 2012



There is a cabin at the end of the path. At night, strange noises are heard and bright lights are seen from far away. They say a mad scientist lives in that house. They say he makes explosive experiences at night. Nothing terribly dramatic ever happened. There was the occasional green cloud of dust, the blue duck waddling through the neighborhood, and the goose that had a coat of polka dot feathers. At the door, a “Keep Out” sign. No one wanted to become blue or green or polka dotted, so they did. One day though, curiosity got the best out of a group of them and they went up to the cabin. Cautiously, silently, they approached. When they stepped through the door, a strange smell overpowered them. It was intense. It was so intense they collapsed and saw that the sky was turning purple. A crisp voice coming from the corner of the room said “curiosity is such a bitter sweet feeling, isn’t it?” There was a cabin at the end of the path. Now there is just a huge hole where no one dares to go, a hole filled with green and blue… polka dots.

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