Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blind Jump Into... A Night to Remember

Drawing by Tabitha Raincloud

The red dress and matching red shoes sat on the bed, neatly placed, side by side. She wore them as perfectly as they looked. The red lipstick was the final touch of a two-hour long build-up of expectation and thrill. It would be a night to remember.
At the club, she danced, flowing elegantly. She touched his face trying to memorize all its details, the slightly uneven curve of his eyebrows, the scar under his chin, his deep brown eyes. A torrid night of sensuality followed. He would be a man to remember.
The next day, she packed her bag, grabbed her ticket and travelled far away, to a foreign country.
“Welcome,” said the older woman who opened the heavy wooden door. “”Today is the beginning of your new life.”
She knew and she was happy, but she would never forget her other life, the one she was leaving behind, her house, her car, her clothes.
How she would explain the red shoes to the Mother Superior, she didn’t know, but she was most definitely keeping them!


This story is the result of the first collaboration between Tabitha Raincloud and myself.
Tabitha's amazing drawing was the first step. It evokes so many different scenarios; it's just the perfect picture to trigger many writing ideas. Then came my story!
It's a secret, pshhh... but Tabs and I are preparing a few projects together. Fun, fun, fun! More soon!
A final word of thank you to Vanessa Blaylock, our fearless leader at iRez, for facilitating the first contact between Tabs and me. :)
For more about  Tabitha Raincloud's artwork, click the link.

This story is part of the Avatar Blogger Month event and was originally posted at iRez.

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