Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blind Jump Into...


Time to leave Goatswood and those who became familiar faces for the past 12 days. Ernest, the picky but generous stationmaster, Augustus, the innkeeper, ambitious but loyal as well, Isabella and her daughter Kelly, which one the darkest soul, Fred, Ron, Millie, and a few others whose lives were forever changed in the course of that day, when bad weather brought them together at the picturesque Gothic Victorian village of Goatswood in Second Life (SL) and in our imaginations!
For the remainder of June Avatar Blogger Month, we move from long-fiction to short-fiction. The next project is called “Blind Jump Into…” and it’ll be a series of stories inspired by pictures. One day, one picture, one story. No plot drafting, no character preparation, just a keyboard and a picture.
A last note for today. The shot above was taken at Retropolis. Many of you who are SL residents might remember the amazing build by Tricia Farella. Retropolis is now gone, but I chose this picture for its powerful symbolism. We'll have more pictures, new stories and powerful words. I hope you take the challenge and embark with me in this trip.

And onwards we sail!

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