Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Body

The Tower by Rebecca Bashly

Wash away my thoughts, my fears. Wash away the dark, the invading dark, while I sit here peacefully waiting for the moment. And the water is dark like my heart and it looks strong like I do, a stream of power flowing through my body. Wash away my past, my life, and my pain. Wash it all away, the dark, the invading dark. I stare at the camera, waiting for the motion, that insignificant click that triggers the nightmare that takes me away from myself. And I know what comes next, an apparent normalcy in a twisted place. A voice, so distant, commands me to start. I struggle to stay away. Closer, the voice sounds annoyed, aggravated. “We are wasting money, come on.” I give up. “Stretch yourself, we can’t see anything… It looks like it’s the first time you do this.” And it is. Each time I do it, it’s the first time, and the last. Tomorrow, it’ll be the first and the last time too, and I count the tiles on the wall while my body is invaded by the camera and by men...

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