Friday, February 15, 2013

A River and a Smile

Pixel Dreams

She looked at the river. “Where does all this water go?” she thought. Life took a hard tumble in it for sure. She was particularly worried about the fish, lost in that massive flow. Little did she know that under the surface, a creature, desolate and eerie, had eaten them all. Its mutability needed a lot of food and the lack of nourishment was taking a toll. The creature saw her leaning over, curious about everything. Perhaps it was time to be fed again, considered the creature. The girl looked tasty, kind of skinny, but tasty. There was one thing though… She smiled. Despite being visibly concerned about something, she smiled a lot. The creature wasn’t used to that. It was a nice smile. Deciding whether to eat her or watch her smile was probably one of the toughest decisions the creature had to make. The smile won. The stomach growled, but creatures living in murky waters have hearts too.

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