Sunday, February 3, 2013


Tim's Dreams - Romy Nayar

“Don’t touch the button, Cindy,” commanded Tommy to his cousin.
“Why not?”
“You’ll be sucked into that keyhole,” he pointed at the pantry door.
“What’s inside the keyhole?”
“A box…” Tommy was enjoying this.
“What’s inside the box?”
“A black hole,” Tommy replied.
“What’s in the black hole?”
Tommy thought nothing, but reconsidered, because Cindy was full of questions these days.
Cindy giggled.
“How can I be there if I am here?”
“Black magic…”
That’s when Cindy pressed the button.
“Where’s Tommy?”asked her aunt when she realized the kids were too silent.
“In the black hole… perhaps with me.” 
100 Word Stories

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