Friday, June 1, 2012

Wild Goose Chase


Hope, he said, Hope. They roamed the world looking for Hope, crossing the seas, traveling the cities and the fields and villages and towns. They talked to people old and young, wise and foolish alike. Everyone knew where Hope was; all had a direction to give, information to share. They pointed North, South, East and West. Scattered throughout the world they spent decades looking for Hope. When the star in the sky turned red, as they were told to, they returned home, to him. Where is Hope, he asked. They looked at one another hoping one of them had found it. Where is Hope, he repeated. No one knew. He smiled. Hope is inside of you. They were confused. Why did you send us to travel the world if Hope was inside of each one of us, one of them asked. Because searching and not finding is often where understanding starts. You roamed the world hoping to find Hope not realizing that you already had it in you, right when you started. They nodded. Sometimes you have to look in all the wrong places before you find something that really matters.


  1. What an inspiring story to read this morning! Thank you. :))

    1. I'm glad you have enjoyed it, Carrie :)) Thank you for your words. They are an encouragement for me to continue to write!