Thursday, June 21, 2012


Fae Varriale "Wonderlands" AT LEA 6 2012

“The rain is coming,” the old man stuttered. “The rain is coming.”
“Time will tell,” replied the young man. “Time will tell.”
The old man nodded. The young man nodded too.
These echoed conversations were an understanding between them. After a big fight, many years ago, they had decided to talk about nothing else than the weather. They were experts. The clouds, the sky, the sun and the rain had no secrets.  It was a chess game with no check mate. They sat side by side and talked in repetitions, oblivious of the disastrous storm closing in.
The cat hid, the dog hid too, a reflection of their owners. Suddenly lightening broke and a diluvial rain flooded the whole area. It was so quick that the old man only had time to say “run” while the young man replied “over here”, pulling the old man by the sleeve in a non-repetitive struggle for survival.

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