Monday, June 4, 2012


Mare Serenitatis
 Life is good now. I was born in the street. We were living at the back of a supermarket. I think my mother thought that was a good place because of all the food that was thrown in the garbage at the end of the day. I was only a few weeks old, still only having milk. But the people who saw us were set on “saving” us, something I didn’t quite understand back then. My mother ran away, leaving me behind. I was caught. Then I was sent to the house of this lady who took really good care of me, feeding me the bottle every few hours, even during the night. I didn’t like the other big cats in the house or the dogs. When I started eating solid food, they would come over and steal my food. I was hungry all the time. After a few weeks, someone called the lady I was with. She put me in a box and took me away. I was so scared. She took me to these two ladies I couldn’t really see, because I had a nasty eye infection and on top of it I had a sort of a cold. These ladies held me close to them. I could feel their hearts. That wasn’t that bad. But I was afraid. Then the ladies took me to a cat doctor. He checked me from top to bottom, much more than I would’ve ever wanted, to be honest. The cat doctor told the ladies to give me these medications and they seemed so worried about me. After all I was really thin, had all those infections and apparently some worms in my intestines. Anyway, the ladies took me to their home. I was so tired that I fell asleep for a few hours in this huge round bed they gave me. I was grateful for the tiny baby cat biscuits they gave me and all the petting and attention. After 5 years, I now cannot imagine living elsewhere. The house is huge and I own it all! My human family is really cool. They play with me; they make sure I have a warm place to sleep during winter and a cool place during summer. They are always worried if I am ok. And I just love nagging them, scratching them, hiding and then jumping out of nowhere! They laugh a lot, and I like that. No one steals my food anymore and I don’t have to hide from people. I have a garden and a huge terrace, plus a veranda to enjoy the sun in the morning. Oh, and we have a ritual with these special biscuits they buy for me every week. Yes, I have my regular cat food. But the biscuits are a big treat! So, every day, I sit in front of the stove and make cute faces. They cannot resist! And they give me those yummy biscuits. Life is good now!

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