Monday, April 1, 2019

Let's Get this Show on the Road

Camp NaNoWriMo starts today and it's time to put those Novel Revision classes to good use. This year, I am revising "Just Before Dawn", the story I have written during NaNoWriMo last November.

Syllabus for How to Revise Your Novel
Instructor: Verona Lorgsval in Second Life, Victoria Lynn Osborne in Real Life

Week 1. Despair: The Novel you got. Here we will be printing out your novel. And doing the first read through and tracking down your novel.
Week 2. Promises Promises, Finding your biggest first draft wrecks.
Week 3. The Hunt for the slippery Scene. An Interlude.
Week 4. Promises Promises the plot you got.
Week 5. Conflict and What Matters.
Week 6. Sharpening Your Characters Bringing Fictional Folk Into Focus.
Week 7. How to Triage Your World.
Week 8. Wrapping up Triage Final Details of Target, Promises, Story and Theme.
Week 9. How Manuscript Surgery Works.
Week 10. Theme and Story Take Two.
Week 11. Plots and Subplots.
Week 12. Committing to your Characters.
Week 13. Tracking and Completing Conflicts.
Week 14. Simple Time Dealing with Time Crises and Modifying In-scene Story Structure.
Week 15. Complex Time: Time Between Time.
Week 16. Becoming Consistent.
Week 17. How to Cut the Manuscript.
Week 18. Cosmetic Surgery I. Line Editing with Style, Grace, and Commas.
Week 19. How to Improve Dialogue, Description, Action, and Flow.
Week 20. Beginnings, Ending, Pace and Step-by-step.
Week 21. How to Survive and Thrive with your Type-In.
Week 22. Surgical Review: Streamlining the In-Depth Revision Process.

If you're doing Camp and you are a Second Life resident, join us at Milk Wood (Writing Group).

Ongoing events (all SLT):

Dashes - Mon-Fri at 6am and 6pm
500 Word Snatches - daily at 1am and 8am
Speculative Writing course - Thurs at 2pm
Fox Rocks (writing poetry) - Sat at 9am

The Inspiration Booth for locations to visit and get inspired by
The Lady Bug hovering above the writing table for prompts
Bunny plots throughout the sim for even more prompts

At the moment, we meet at Milk Wood's Camp. But feel free to enjoy the public areas of the sim as you like.

Have fun writing and exploring!

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