Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What to Expect of a Writing Session

The beginning of a new year brings a renewed sense of exhilaration about the future which extends to all aspects of our lives, including the determination to write more and better. One way of accomplishing this goal is to attend write-ins.

In the virtual world of Second Life (SL), there are many writing sessions taking place and I strongly encourage you to give these virtual writing groups a chance.

1. Establish Goals - Before each writing session, take a few minutes to determine what your writing goal is. Whether you are doing research, plotting, brainstorming, writing, or revising/editing, it’s important to establish a specific goal. It is for this reason that I prefer having a timeframe and a prompt.

2. Create a Work Routine – Attending a write-in daily, always sets you in the right frame of mind to accomplish a lot in terms of your writing. In my opinion, it is better to attend only one session - the same session each day - than to attend many and skip one or two every now and then. If you can attend 2 write-ins daily, that’s great. Consistency is what you are looking for.

3. Increase Your Writing Pace - Having a routine increases your productivity. This is also true for writing. With daily practice, you’ll hesitate less before writing. You’ll be able to bypass that pesky inner-editor who forces you to over-think every word you write.

4. Share, Share, and Share – A lot of writing is done at a write-in. However, your fellow writers always find the time to share their experiences and interesting resources they come across.

5. Evaluate your efforts – At the end of each writing sessions, expect to be asked how you did. This is meant to motivate you and not to judge your productivity. Most writers will say the amount of words they’ve written. Why do we focus on word count? One of the most important goals of these sessions is to become more proficient in writing new material. The more you write, the bigger the chances are of writing something really good.

Question: I cannot stay for the whole duration of the writing session.
Should I still attend?
Yes! Every minute counts, every word counts.

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