Saturday, January 23, 2016

Loose Ends

1. Take control of your writing – You’re the boss. It’s interesting to hear about other writers’ experiences, to learn from them, but each one of us has his/her own path to tread. Listen to advice, but make your own decisions.

2. Read – as much as you can. Read all types of texts too. The more you read, the richer your writing will be.

3. Educate others – to respect your writing time. When you establish a writing routine and a writing schedule, your family, friends, neighbors will understand that you are not to be interrupted, unless there’s a life-threatening situation.

4. When asked, – give your opinion about the writing of your peers. Consider the difference between giving an opinion about the story and giving an opinion about the writing of the story.

5. Finally, - thank the host of the writing session. It’ll encourage him/her to continue to provide an event that gathers fellow writers, motivates them to share and, above all, to write.

Join us at Milk Wood in Second Life!

Useful Information:

What is Milk Wood?
Schedule of Write-Ins at Milk Wood:
 (all times SLT/ +8 PRT/UK)

   Mon-Fri: 2am, 6am, 8am, 12noon and 6pm
   Sat: 2am, 8am, 12noon
   Sun: 2am, 8am, 12noon

Location in Second Life – Milk Wood
Virtual Writers Website
Virtual Writers Writing Prompts

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