Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Kipling’s Study Group

Whispering Wind
That dreadful day at the Kipling’s study group, composed of an eclectic group of people, was rife with unexpected events and Timmy, the host, was beside himself. The Egyptologist blabbered something about fish, a net and stockings and everyone understood he was wearing fishnet stockings. A drunken Jesus showed up claiming to be able to find the alien sparrows. Suddenly, someone hit the switch. Total darkness. As the light got back on, Timmy’s face bore suspicious shades of blue while his morally conservative socks were wrapped around his neck. “Well, why not?” added the ventriloquist. “This is better than cable.”
100 Word Stories


  1. omg Lizzie, eclectic indeed! What ever are they studying? You are imprudent!! Absolutely wonderfully absurd.( and scary!) like a day at the asylum.

    1. Haha! This was a fun text to write. We had a long list of topics people sent in and we had to choose two. Well, there were so many good topics that I grabbed a bunch of them and wrote this nonsensical piece!

  2. Anonymous4/07/2014

    Great work as always Lizzie :)