Sunday, April 13, 2014

How to Write Something Saying Nothing

Machinima Open Studio Project - LEA 20

#1 Set your heart on blabbering randomly... I mean, writing serious stuff.
#2 Waste... aham, spend some time browsing for inspiration.
#3 Look outside the window while trying to come up with a story.
#4 Squander ... that is spend even more time checking your five email accounts, the ten thousand social networks you signed up to, and your cat.
#5 Brew coffee.
#6 Hash... Hash...
#7 Brew more coffee.
#8 Right, you do need to write something. Now, think.
#9 The cat's snoring. Perhaps a nap would help you as well.
#10 Ok, procrastinate indefinitely. All that coffee is begging for attention and you don't really want to take a nap at 10 am.

Milk Wood
Hash can be a few things, and sure enough, it can be a lot more than I thought at first. Between cryptographic hash functions, fragment identifiers, spatial data structures, a sports mark of some sort, even a military decoration and a running club, it was a bit difficult to choose one direction for this week's story. So, after procrastinating the whole week, rattling on aimlessly seemed like a tempting option, considering that I, for some reason, didn’t want to write about hashish. Wait a second… What? A hundred? Really? Already? Well then, more next week! Where's the delete button again?

(Prompt: Hash) 100 Word Stories


  1. Love it Lizzie (as I browse posts, sip coffee, think about the tuatha - oh no! that means take more photos too, and wonder whatever to do on a beautiful sunny day besides get up off my arse). Hashing is beyond my expertise though I love cryptograms ( of a simpler nature). Here we go you've got me going now too or I mean procrastinating. Love those two photos. Is that your virtual writing room? Get your virtual self in motion and go lie out on the deck. ( It is a beautiful day!)

    1. This was a difficult topic for me! On one hand, I was totally "uninspired" and on the other, hash didn't really "speak" to me. So, the result was scribbling random thought, hoping to trigger some ideas. Well, I would've been happy with... one idea! LOL The picture is of a house (free at the time I took the photo) at the Virtual Writers Inc. sim (Milk Wood) in SL, but it's not mine, no. There's an idea, to write about my virtual writing room. *thinking* :D And it does have a wonderful garden with a beautiful cherry tree!