Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Sopor Aeternum
We fought our way through the open ground. Apart from a few trees, there was no hiding place. The toxic cloud followed, relentlessly. The children and younger ones wore the few masks left working. We covered our mouths and noses with scarves. At first, we had the company of a few animals, dogs, cats, rabbits, birds who disappeared in the horizon quickly. The long line of tired people did not move as fast. The injured, the sick, the elderly were clearly slowing down the pace of the column. A decision had to be taken. And it was. I shall never forget the horror in the eyes of my granddaughter when she realized I was being left behind.


  1. Your imagery and the pic conjure up fears of aging. It's wierd but living so close to the Yellowstone caldera, I have thoughts of fleeting at times. When the roads become jammed, taking to foot and slowly being left behind by the younger then younger. Ooops, I got caught up in my own horror. hehe. Nice work Lizzie, I really got swept away.

    1. Thank you, Yordie. Your comment means I succeeded in trying my hand at writing a vignette. I have been so focused in writing stories (beginning, middle and end) that I wanted to try to write a "snapshot" of a situation and strong feelings, and aging is one of those inescapable feelings. Thank you for your encouragement!