Thursday, August 30, 2012

Peace Advocacy

Mare Serenitatis

The peace lecture had started and the speaker had been talking for a while. The audience was bored. The theme of world peace was kind of old and the sun was shining outside, the lawns had been freshly watered and everything smelled so nice.
“What would be the color of peace?” asked John, interrupting the perplexed speaker.
“White, most would say. I prefer blue. It’s the color of the sea,” replied the speaker in a paternalistic tone.
“But the sea is far from being peaceful.”
“True. Yet just try looking at the sea. It’s amazing how peaceful you feel. People who love the sea are peace advocates, in a way.”
“I see…”
A moment of silence. The speaker tapped his notes on the stand to put them in order and prepared to resume the lecture.
“Are pirates peace advocates? They do love the sea,” asked John.
A wave for muffled giggles swept through the room.
“Let’s go back to our lecture, ok? Now, where were we? Ah, world peace.”
John sighed and looked outside. The sun was shining and the lawn looked so shiny.

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