Saturday, August 18, 2012

Welcome To My Mind

It was dark and she was shivering.
“Shh… Hear that?”
He didn’t hear anything.
The smell of freshly-cut grass fluttered in the air contrasting with the overgrown garden next door.
“There is someone behind that tree.”
Stars blazed in the night sky and their beauty was not enough to ease the fear.
A soft whisper flew closer in the night breeze. Red eyes, he thought.
“It’s there,” she pointed, her finger shaking.
“There are other ways to get lost,” the whisper murmured.
“Didn’t you hear?” she asked nervously.
He shook his head.
“It’s just the subway underneath. The manholes let the voices from underneath come up to the street,” he said.
Exhale, she thought, just exhale.
He touched her wrist. She was grateful for his company in that dark garden. When she turned around…
“I told him not to come back,” his eyes red and swollen. “But he cannot be stopped. He is stronger than me.” His face puffed up and got distorted, his hands and arms twisted, his legs deformed.
She took a step back in horror.
“You don’t know yet, but you’re already dead,” he whispered in a soft murmur reaching out to grab her.
On that same instant, she woke up. “Welcome to my mind,” she thought weary of the next night and the next dream.

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