Friday, October 9, 2015

5 Things Virtual Reality Can Teach you About Writing

1. Less is more. Each sim is, in most cases, a self-contained universe and you can look for what you need in a surgical way. Choose one and only one to start with!

2. Keep it simple. It’s very tempting to go crazy and try to include every single interesting detail you came across in your story. Don’t! Be selective. Many sims are so rich in details that you could write several books with the ideas you get from visiting them!

3. Never give up. If you don’t know where you should go next with a story, take a look around the sim and choose one object. Then, ask questions – Who does this belong to? What kind of person is the owner? What if the object did something unexpectedly? What would happen? – and you may even stumble upon a new character for your work in progress!

4. An interesting location makes a writer write. In Real Life, where you sit to write is extremely important. Parking your avatar at a pleasant location – or totally unpleasant, if that’s what you need – is equally relevant. Whether you prefer to have your own virtual writing office or sit in the sim, spend a bit of time finding the right place. It’ll improve your writing, believe me!

5. Writing buddies rule. Last, but not least, sitting around a virtual table with a few accomplices, aham… writers, is an important psychological boost. It creates momentum and an unspoken comradery that is hard to explain!

A final word. I cannot stress enough how a virtual world can make your life as a writer easier. Resources, ideas, other writers, are only a click away. The added bonus is immersion. You access the information you need from within, as an actor. This may sound like a small detail. However, it could just be the difference between success and failure. Have fun!

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