Sunday, May 31, 2015


Edloe, Tierra de Fuego, Waterland

When she dropped her cake, a murmur of excitement spread through the room. Miss Perfect had messed up. When she picked up the smashed pieces of cake and tried to put them back together on the plate, everyone chuckled; everyone except him, the stranger with the pierced nose. He walked up to her slowly, sat on the floor and got a few pieces that were still scattered about. “Cake?” he asked the crowd. “No? Your loss.” Since then, once a year, the two of them smash a cake to pieces and ask “Cake? No?” to reply in unison “Your loss!”

This story was written for the 10th Anniversary of Laurence Simon's (Crap Mariner in Second Life) 100 Word Stories Weekly Challenge podcast where he features stories written by himself and other writers. Thank you and Happy Tenth!

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