Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Word That Doesn’t Exist

Tierra de Fuego

That word doesn’t exist, Randy thought, suspecting Patrick, his neighbor, to be either under the influence or raving mad.
Raving mad was a good option, considering that Patrick decided to fill his garden with truck tires recently. When asked why he was doing that, Patrick replied it was for the aliens to land safely in his back yard. Randy laughed.
“But where did you hear that word?”
Patrick, the neighbor, replied, “From the aliens.”
Randy would remember this many years later. The mystery word meant hello and it would be the first word Randy had to learn after the invasion.
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  1. How many syllables does the word have?!! Loved this Lizzie!

    1. I had to resist the temptation of creating a word I feared it would sound slightly silly! This was the next best option to bypass the problem. Thank you for your comment. :)

  2. You have been nominated!
    Thank you for your presence in the blogging world!

    1. Thank you, Andante! Being recognized as worth reading by a fellow writer means a lot to me. Thank you! :D