Thursday, October 16, 2014

Writing Resources 2014

I've gathered here some of the resources I use often when I'm writing. More will be added as I stumble upon them. I'll keep this list uncluttered though, I promise. During the November frenzy, there's no time to test and wonder and ponder and... well, 1700 words a day says it all!

* Thesaurus
* Dictionary - English/English

* Grammarist - English Usage
* Bartleby - English Usage

* Plot Generator
Seventh Sanctum - Generators
* RanGen - Plot Generator by Genre
* Writing Exercises - Plot generator - Main Character, Character 2, Setting, Situation,
                                                           Theme, Character Action
* DonJon - Generators (especially Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Weird Fiction,
                                                            but useful for other genres)

* Symbols

Word Counter
* Word Counter Tool with typing speedometer!
* Write or Die
* Goal Calculator, in case you fall behind and need to redefine your writing goals

* NaNoWriMo Platform
NaNoWriMo Blog

* Gibberish Translator, in case you don't want to copy/paste your novel as-is into the NaNoWriMo website for validation

*Rewards! NaNoWriMo Offers for NaNo participants and winners.

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