Sunday, October 12, 2014



“Zero resistance. And…ahm… that’s it, ladies and gentlemen.”

The large audience was perplexed. That’s it? They paid for an overpriced two-hour long seminar.

The abrupt uproar of indignation caught the speaker running away as fast as he could.

Two members of the audience hurried behind him. When they reached the back exit, there was no sign of him.

Later that night, a cleaning lady touched a small round disk and she too disappeared mysteriously. 

Like so many before, she returned decades later to say “zero resistance”, right before the Great Surrender. Earth became a popular destination, but… not for humans.


  1. Oh I love all things mysteriously and wierdly scientifical.

    1. *waves hello* :) TY for your comment. I've been out of touch lately... I'm preparing everything for the NaNoWriMo (which is basically reading and posting about NaNo and gearing up! I still don't have a plot!! Nor characters!! Setting?? What's a setting...??! LOL Yikes! Time is ticking away!