Sunday, October 26, 2014


Forgotten City

Doom was an unhappy robot that got tired of doing robot stuff and wanted to become human. The problem with that decision was the fact that Doom had no idea about how to be human. Doom tried crying. Doom tried smiling. Doom tried sneezing. Nothing worked. One day, Doom’s neighbor robot Calamity came over for tea. They engaged in a philosophical conversation about human beings and Calamity thought Doom’s ambition of becoming one was utterly horrendous, but Doom wouldn’t give up. Halloween was right around the corner and Doom would be a human, even if only for a few hours.


  1. I want to read more of Doom's journey into being human!! Great tale Lizzie!

    1. :D Next step, Christmas! Perhaps I should make Doom the main character of my NaNoWriMo plot, now that I think of it!! Hugs Cybele!!