Sunday, August 24, 2014


Tokyo 3.1

The truck slid sideways on the ice-covered highway, the load at the back hindering the anguished attempts to stabilize the heavy vehicle.
When the police arrived, it was difficult to tell the truck from the pile of contorted multicolored metal. The rescue services tried their best to see where the victims were.
They all sat by the side of the road, the victims, amazed that no one could see them.
“Is that the light we are supposed to see, Dad?” asked thirteen year old Tommy, pointing at the fire engine. His Dad nodded. Tommy always wanted to be a firefighter.


  1. Anonymous8/25/2014

    Great work always Lizzie :)

  2. I love it. The blinding light of your cleverness! Brilliant Lizzie!!

    1. Hehe! Thx. I got this idea from a reality show about tow trucks. The things they see... I turned things around showed the POV of the victims. It worked.