Sunday, August 17, 2014


Winter Moon

Being a kid has its disadvantages.
Being a teenager becomes, more often than not, a nightmare.
Yet being an adult is the worst.
It’s not only the fact that we are adults for most of our miserable lives, but also because, as old age kicks in, murmurous mondegreens tend to progressively take over our volatile certainties.
In the future, age will be irrelevant, I suppose.
I wonder if we’ll just get stuck at old age or if we’ll choose which age we’d like to be.
Oh, gosh. I just realized that we’ll all be young and breathtakingly beautiful!
How dreadful!

This story is a wink at Vonnegut’s short 2BR02B and Second Life’s avatars that tend to be young and beautiful! However, there seems to be an invasion of very creepy, pseudo-fashionable avatars lately which are definitely not breathtaking. For those of you who are not in this virtual world, sorry about that cryptic reference. If you’re intrigued, do a search on SL’s fashion models and recent blog posts and you’ll understand what I mean. However, beware, it’s literally nightmare material and totally unlike beautiful Monroe!


  1. I love the "murmurous mondegreens" I'm also thinking of Mrs. Malaprop!! Hey I want to be a disturbing avatar!!