Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Ice Maiden and the Lord of Fire

Island of Lost Dreams
26. January 2014
Host: Harriet Gausman
Picture Prompt: Ice Maiden
Time: 30 mins

The Ice Maiden ruled the kingdom with a fist of iron and a heart of stone.
After her father died, the will was read and to everyone’s surprise her brother, the eldest of five siblings, was set aside. She was only the third in line to the throne and yet she became queen at a very early age.
The first few years flew by quickly. She learned how to rule the hard way, no mercy, heads chopped, hands tossed in the pigs’ den, determination and cruelty that were quite surprising in a maiden as young as the queen.
However, no one really cared what happened to others, as long as it didn’t happen to them. So, they kept in line, minding their own business, working the land, growing their cattle, selling their products.
It was when the Ice Maiden came of age and decided it was time to get married that things got complicated.
Knights of all corners of the land came to try their luck. First, they fought against one another for long days and nights.
The weakest ones got sent home with a bruised pride, but in one piece, well, at least alive.
The strongest three had to prove they were worthy of the highest honor in the kingdom, marrying the queen and becoming the prince escort.
They were sent on a quest for something valuable. Each would have to decide what to bring back.
One knight brought back gold. The queen dismissed it. “Too boring. I have gold.”
The second brought back gemstones. The queen waved him away. “I have enough gemstones to last me a lifetime.”
The third brought nothing much to the surprise of everyone in the room.
“My Queen, I brought you myself, to honor you and love you, to share with you my most intimate self, as honestly as I can. I’ll help you make the most difficult decisions and I’ll be by your side, always.”
At first, the queen was taken aback by the boldness of this knight, but as she did with every decision in her life, she decided to marry him immediately.
“Why this one, Your Highness?” asked her wise advisor.
“I’m made of ice; I need a man by my side to be my fire.”
The years went by and these two kin souls became the best rulers of the country. Several centuries later, they were still remembered as the Ice Maiden and the Lord of Fire.


  1. what fun, I love fairy tales and this one has a bite!!

    1. Thank you, Cybele! I'm glad you've enjoyed it. Fairy tales are such a rich source of inspiration!