Saturday, January 25, 2014

The 1928 Murder Case


25. January 2014
Host: Lizzie Gudkov
Prompts Siclit Prod: Estuary, 1928, murder, crushing, coldly, suitcase
Time: 30 mins

Back in 1928, the town became richer with new incoming goods. Commerce grew exponentially and people had a strong feeling of hope. Yet, the day they found the body, no one dared walk the streets. There was a crushing feeling of powerlessness. A killer was at large.
The authorities searched the whole area of the estuary, believing that the body could have been hidden somewhere in one of the wood shacks along the river banks.
Alfred Hitchcock's Case of Jonathan Drew had just been released in the local movie theater and the plot of the film kept people thinking, particularly because the victim was a blond girl, just like the ones in Hitchcock’s film. The eerie feeling of having fiction invade reality was overbearing.
Weeks went by, months, and the body was not found. It was only years later that a maritime police boat in a routine patrol found a suitcase floating about. They reeled it in carefully not to damage it. It looked like it had been in the water for a long time. When they opened it, there was a transparent plastic bag inside with a handwritten note, “The body went to the movies.”
At first, the police thought it was a joke, but some of the old-timers recalled that unsolved case of the blonde girl who had disappeared right around the time of the release of Hitchcock’s film. They searched the movie theater and interrogated its owner. After painstakingly trying to get information out of the suspect, the police was about to give up when he perked up in his chair and said coldly “She did like the Case of Jonathan Drew. You’ll never find her.”
The police did try, almost tearing the movie theater down, to no avail. That blonde would be at the movies forever, now, wouldn’t she…?

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