Sunday, July 28, 2013


The swineherd was tired of having to deal with the increasingly frustrating low profits. Intermediaries drove him crazy with inconceivable demands. Before, he sold everything, that’s what was good about pork, no waste. Now, only certain parts were favored. So, he decided to give away “the waste”, roasted and with a “twist”, as a personal gift to the intermediaries, who eagerly took it all. They asked what the “twist” was, but he never gave away the secret to the other tasty bits of meat in the inviting roast, especially when the headlines said “Business man of pork industry vanishes mysteriously”.


  1. Anonymous7/28/2013

    I really enjoy reading your stuff Lizzie; I get your posts by e-mail.

    I avoid most social media but will look more closely at how to comment with my wordpress account--Pearl Grey

    Well...I'l just be "anonymous" then!

    1. Thank you, Pearl, for your comment. I appreciate it. :)
      Yes, comments are a bit strange between the Blogger/Wordpress systems... What I usually do is choose the option Name/URL while not signed in. Hope this works for you.