Saturday, July 20, 2013

You're a Great Writer

Whispering Wind
… when you’re addicted to reading! 

Lazy? Never! Compulsive? Always! Great writers read everything and I do mean everything, books, reports, brochures, political statements, interviews, magazine articles, newspapers, ads, e-zines, anything!

… when you’re annoyingly stubborn! 

You write regularly and feel bad when you skip a day. If you usually write in the morning and your schedule gets messed up, you stress over being late for your writing session. If you write in the evenings and visitors drop by unexpectedly, you feel restless and end up writing till 4am after they leave!

… when you hit your inner editor in the head with a ream of paper, leaving it unconscious for days!

Your inner editor is bossy, intrusive and a control-freak. You, on the other hand, need peace of mind to simply write. When he wakes up, just hit him on the head again, until you’re done. Then you can let him get all hyper!

… when you take the Zen approach! 

Are you done editing and re-editing? Then don’t think about what you wrote anymore. It’s done, finished. It’s time for others to enjoy it! Let go! Move on!

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