Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Silent Hills
“May this letter find you believing we are mighty and strong. The maps guide us, the ones you paid for with your honor, the ones I dread and hate. Hidden away from curious eyes, they have caused envy, greed, disgust. Many have died, I confess, at my hands. Their constant bickering over them made me weary and suspicious. So, I cut their throats and threw them overboard. At first, the Captain didn’t think much of it. A drunkard’s squabble, a bet gone wrong, foul words exchanged, anything was a good reason to explain that sudden wave of deaths, until that day… The Captain walked in my cabin demanding an explanation. The mysterious orders given to his Chief Officer now gone missing and the enormous amount of money promised at the arrival didn’t quite compensate for the seemingly dark destiny of this ship. As a result, I am now the Captain, much to the dismal of the crew for whom a woman is worth no more than the pleasure she can provide. We have arrived at Port Town. I will hire more hands, or buy additional slaves; although I’d much rather do the former. The path we took seems unexpectedly rather treacherous, the decisions undeniably perilous. However, we have committed to it and we shall prevail. I wish the maps had come with a warning that we’d be selling our souls to the devil…”

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